The other love of my life

Today was a very productive day. I was getting up really early to say the least (thank you sweet children of mine) and once I was done with my usual chores, taking this gorgeous chocolate lab Zissou out for a walk and everything else I got to baking.
Yes, normally I rather bake human treats and goodies but this time, with this sweet face being around me since Thursday, I decided it’s high time to get to making some extra good and healthy doggie treats again. It’s been a while.

Mr Zissou kept me company the whole time in the kitchen, not leaving me out of his sight and making sure I get on with it rather quickly so he has some goodies to munch on rather sooner than later.

The treats turned out wonderful, made some bat shaped once extra for Halloween as well and the taste test was rather successful this morning. The kids would feed him those treats the whole day if I would let them and they would be all gone by this afternoon I am sure. But, they are treats and by no means dinner or breakfast for my boy so that is how they always end up at the highest point in my house, atop the fridge, so they cannot get to them unless I give them to them lol

With this I hope you all enjoy your weekend, it is rather gray and rainy here and we will be having a little Halloween marathon here in a few minutes w hot chocolate and all. A rather comfy day inside while blustery outside. It’s gonna be a good weekend. Enjoy it y’all and don’t be blown away.


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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