Rest days

….are not restful at all for me.
And I do struggle with this. Tremendously. I’m feeling too lazy, too restless, too everything… And it is not even the body cause my body needs at least one of those days in during the week but the brain. I am fighting my brain.
Every. Damn. Time. So, I ask you, what is it that YOU do so you have a true rest day and don’t get caught up and end up running or at the gym after all ??
It’s so hard for me. For about 90% I am about sure to know why I am feeling this way. Why it is so dang hard for me to truly rest.

It’s a mom thing. Orat least it’s the mom thing for me, or what I consider the mom thing: You are constantly on the go. During my rest days I try to not be go, go, go. To sit, to chill, to relax and just enjoy the day.
Which, honestly one shouldn’t think so darn difficult with all the rainy weather that is coming around these parts of the world lately. And yet I have the most struggles with it.

I am getting up, making breakfast, trying to get the house clean so it is not on the back of my mind all day long in a chant of  “you need to clean still. You need to clean still.” and what ever else I can get done to feel/trick my brain into relaxing. Then I sit down, and it works for a few minutes, max I  managed today was about three hours I think lol But then it was all starting over again.
This is when I either get crafty, or start baking or cooking and then I have to feed the neighborhood and the few friends I have as so I don’t gain all that weight before I am sitting down again and trying to relax some more. It helps when I know I have a few good movies I want to watch with the kids, or by myself.

Then I started talking about all these little weights that do weigh you down with the better half and as to why I think I never feel like I can truly rest; why it is that I feel rather lazy then actually enjoying the rest day my body does need after a week full of activities, gym, cardio, weights and what not. But instead I get into ‘bored mode’ and feel like I need to constantly stuff my face with some kind and form of food (hence the baking and cooking needs to stop on rest days lol).
It’s a vicious circle I am in and am truly trying to break out of it. To make the life and everything in it better and more useful. Yes, I am still changing. Changing my habits, my life, the things I am doing, the way I am thinking. The way I present myself is the next thing to work on and to try to enjoy days like today cause soon I hope I will be working again and then days like today will be rather rare and I will long for them sooner or later probably .

Vicious circle I tell you, vicious circle lol

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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