The never ending story

… of your kids not sleeping through the night, or vey rarely, and ending up in your bed.

First off you need at least two kids. Cause with only one this is too easy and really not a fun game to play. Two make it interesting but three… oh boy !!

Take the oldest, in her own room, being a night owl as it is which I think is just this teenager phenomenon cause I vaguely remember being the same way when I was her age only 18 years ago. Have her leave the house by 9pm and from that exact moment on, or maximum five minutes later when you thought “yes, the boys are in bed, she is out the House at the boyfriends family, I get to have a few quiet minutes before bed!” have the middle one come walking down the hallway every 2 minutes “I can’t sleep!”.

Now, you think this gets solved by telling him to get some water, have a drink and lay back down but, nope. He continues until you have had enough cause you really just want to sleep, get a good night’s rest for once now that you did not fall asleep on the couch as you normally do in true mom fashion. So you tell him to just sleep on the other side of your bed, why not, and finally go to sleep. You think to yourself that it’s been too hectic these days and he really probably just misses mom a bit, too.

So, no problem so far. Right!? Wrong!! As soon as you finally fall asleep, are in your REM cycle and start to dream teenagers invade!! Have to say kudos for trying to be quiet but, you are not. So I been listening to all kinds of YouTube videos since about midnight. Which in turn wakes up the youngest with lights being turned on and off, pacing around the house, looking for food (weren’t you just done having dinner at said boyfriends house not too long ago??) and so he climbs into my bed as well.

Now, he is still a bit sick, it’s been a rough weekend, and so I have him on one side, the other one in the other side and not really any room for myself all while still listening to YouTube’s fun and teenagers trying to be quiet.

Needless to say that two, almost two and a half hours later, I rolled my tired yet wired butt out of my bed, covered the youngest with some blanket the oldest have seemed to hog and made my way across the hall into the boys room where I am now, trying to get to sleep while this house is finally getting quiet.

Bottom line tho: enjoy every second with your family. Those memories are precious and there will be a time when all the kids are done cuddling, spending this much time with you. Take your time with them, have them invade your bed every once in a while and enjoy the love they give you and vice versa !!

☆Good night fam☆

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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