Trick or Treat, gimme something good to eat

Yes, I know, it aint quite Halloween yet and still we are all out already. Costumes or not to get some Halloween fun going on this kind of gray Sunday morning.
I have a new job I will be starting tomorrow and therefore wont be able to take the boys trick or treating on Tuesday afternoon and so we are doing it a bit earlier in the week. Best place to do so:
Military Trick or Treat. It’s been organized by the Military for the Military and it’s been a blast. The kids had tons of fun going around the booths for candy, to see all kinds of cool stuff and at the end bounce on the bouncy houses that were there.

I believe the bounce houses were the biggest hit for my boys. We spend over an hour bouncing from one house to the other. Met some school mates, and a few other Harry Potters and Power Rangers along the way.

The candy was flowing and we had a few small candy breaks here and there to get the sugar high going again and to have more energy to bounce some more lol.
It definitely was a success and we will do it again next year if they should offer this again. It’s fun for the kids, the family and well worth to spend two hours there to get the kids energy out and hang out with some other ppl.

As for the rest of the day we are going through the candy, are de costumed and are just hanging out, enjoying a bit of quiet family time seeing it is my last day of unemployment and tomorrow the work force will be all up in my business again lol.
really though, I am looking forward to working and making some money, get my footing back at the work place and such but, at the same time, it’s going to be tough to have not al l the time to spend with the kiddos, to just pack up things and go on a trip if we/I feel like it and such. Not have all the vacations with them, Holidays and such. And yet I know we will be so much better off financially once I am back to working again and can afford so much more for these kiddos cause they do truly deserve all the good things coming their way. That is for sure!!

As for now, lets enjoy the last few hours of Sunday and start a new chapter in this mommys life tomorrow. After a day filled with fun games and cooking and such.


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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