It’s getting there….

…almost time to leave the house and get cracking.
I have about 3 more hours left until I need to get ready to start this job of mine. And given, it is weird to get ready for it in the afternoon.
Seeing I am one that likes to get all her errands, chores and such done in my morning hours so I have the rest of the day to relax, to concentrate on the kids’ homework, theirs school day.

But, this will be good. Needs a bit of getting used to though. As much as I like the opportunity to start training for the job in the afternoon, thinking there might be a little less busy hours ahead, I wonder how it will work out at home with the minions, their chores, their school work and dinner/bed time later on in the evening. I know the oldest got it and has done it more than once but it is still a quite different feeling.
Before you ask, of course I was out at nights before with friends and had the oldest watch the minions but it is different seeing I could and was ablet o choose when I wanted to leave the house to meet up with friends for dinner or a night out.
Here I have not much choice as to say I will be gone from this time to this time and you need to be able to do music practice, dinner, changing for night time and, most of all probably, bedtime with them and without getting annoyed lol

I herby give up a big part of my mom duties and it is weird. My heart aches a bit that it is this way and hopes for the training to end soon and then hopefully start working during the day time hours like I applied for when I had the interview.
No, I am not complaining about the job or anything like that cause that is an exciting part in my new life and I am looking forward to it. But the mom heart is aching after a bit over a decade at home with those wonderful, fun, crazy, loving minions and not having to think about things like “who’s gonna bring you to bed tonight” or “will I be able to attend this or that” or even “will  you be able to take part of this school subject cause it is in the afternoon and I’d need someone to pick you up afterwards since I am at work” …..

But here is to new beginnings, a better life and lots of new things to come our way !!!
Have a wonderful new week my lovelies

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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