Live, Laugh, Love

Good day my friends. It’s been a while. Well, only a few days and yes, granted, it could have been longer, but it’s been a gorgeous, relaxed, wonderful, chill week of all kinds of new things.

Monday I started the new job. I am very grateful that it did not take long to get another opportunity on looking, interviewing and signing the contract for a new job. I am grateful that things in that part of my life are going more than amazingly well. I was a bit worried though. And I do not think that there is any shame in admitting it cause usually you hear all kind of complicated and time-consuming things about the job hunt.

Mine started very well though and the flowers and support I get from my man and kids is more than I could have asked for to be honest. It is the best feeling if you know what I mean. To know that you finally, after such a long time of doubt, horror, anxiety, no self-esteem and everything else that happened, have luck and a supporting environment around you that only wishes the best for you. The most wonderful flowers on my car, you read about it after my job interview, are still blooming and remind me of the beauty in everything, the texts I receive every morning before I have to leave the house for work, the kids that love me unconditionally and are the best ones ever, and the new work environment I am in….it could not get any better and is proof to me that at one point life will go into the right direction for everyone at some point eventually.

The work week, my first one, was amazingly fun and I love the people and place I am with! They are an amazing newish business and are, most importantly, a most amazing bunch of people!! If I cannot help it, I could see myself there for quite a while help them out with what ever it is, grow with the job and in the environment I am in and make good memories and stories to tell in the progress.
Sure I admit I was dead tired during the whole week since it is not exactly what I am used to when it came to working these days. I did what I had to do, when I wanted to do it and if I wanted to take a break or leave the house for a bit I did just that. Now it is not as easy and it took a lot out of me, more than I thought to be honest with the (almost) full time work days and then house and kids and dinner and everything else afterwards. But I am also sure I will get used to that in no time what so ever.

Today though, is one of the better days.img_20171118_1416542048499043.jpg
Woke up as early as ever but in a good mood. Could I have used more sleep? I am sure of that. But did my brain or body, or the kids for that matter, let me? Nope. And at around noon we went out to meet up with the better half and the doggies to take a stroll through the dog park and spend a non rainy, somewhat sunny day outside.

And what did I receive once we were done and ready to go home? A message in a bottle. I am somewhat creative when it comes to delivering my letters but that one, that one took the cake. I love my man! When romantic meets romantic and starts a relationship that is exactly what you get and what makes me fall in love even more!!! This was the highlight of my day pictured in the second picture that comes with this entry. The bottle is at a special place in the house now. I am really in love with it…

But for now, its relaxing and looking forward to my somewhat ‘blind date’ on the 24th of this month up North for one of the better half’s jobs and a day out before that. I am excited. This is gonna be so awesome!! He is treating me well and lets me know that he loves me and I am important to him and everyone should have that one person that does that!!! This is what it’s all about: Love and be loved. Give and you shall receive.
Know that you are worth every little bit of love but also let the important people in your life know that you love them!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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