It is that time of the weekend…skyping with the family.
It’s a great way when you are the only family on this side of the ocean and the rest of your family is on the other side. Definitely keeps you up to date easier and faster than when you had to wait on snail mail that might have been taking weeks or months in the olden days, depending on how it got send across the ocean.

And another thing:
The grandma gets to actually see her  grad babies, not that they are babies anymore, and not just having pictures send both ways. So, when it comes to that part of living, I am very thankful that Skype and todays world wide web and all these modern electronic inventions exist! It is a definite plus in this modern world of ours.

Yes, sometimes there is not much to talk about cause it is day-to-day life and nothing exciting happens on of our lives but just to keep up with the german language, to expose the kids to their second language some more its total worth the effort. And if there are really times were we don’t talk a lot it is ok, too. You can’t always, all the time, every other day. Life has a habit of happening and going on no matter what.

Bottom line though (as you should know by now lol):
Be there for your loved ones, no matter how far apart you live! Make it work! Find something that works for you and never take for granted when they are around Cause you never know what might happen next and when you might get to see them again !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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