“All I want for Christmas is….”

…not hearing those words out of my kids’ mouths every 5 minutes there runs a commercial across the TV, or when we are in a store and they see all these fun, little, nifty lego figurines and play sets they have.
But really though, these kids have, when it comes to that, been good most the time these past few months 🙂 There is the occasional “This is cool” or “I really, really need this” but other than that we have it contained this year. Probably cause they have been seeing packages pouring in from online stores I don’t want to name almost every day these past weeks.
And hence I am proud to announce that I am, as of today, happily done with online Christmas shopping and am now waiting for packages for ‘only’ three more people and once those get here I am as happy as can be cause I can finish wrapping gifts, decorating them and acnnot wait tot see the faces of the people when unwrapping….

Then I have been transforming this house into Christmas Central as the better half likes to call it 🙂 We have been baking cookies almost non stop in this house when ever I had a minute to spare. And that means I been baking all day long almost every weekend lol

We made double the recipe of 4 of my most favorite to pack up in cute tins, boxes, bags and give away to friends and family as a thank you for a great year and a little Christmas greeting to make the stressful time a little bit sweeter.

Then, after that, I made double the batch of gingerbread to make gingerbread cookies which, to be honest, still waiting to be decorated and I will get on that tonight once the kids are in bed.
Over the weekend there will be at least a double batch of Vanillekipferl and some more Butterplaetzchen which we always used to make with my grandma when we were kids and I am baking with my kids every year so the kids have some more cookies to decorate and I need to have some to bring to the Vineyard over Christmas.

Did I tell you, I finally get to see my beloved Vineyard again!?
Yes!! We will be spending Christmas at the Vineyard with my second family, th e boys, the better half, my friends….it will be truly “ein Fest der Liebe” as we call Christmas in Germany some times lol20171212_180219220479120.jpg

As for the end of this lovely post, composed at 6am with coffee by my side and while the kids and I still in the process of getting ready for school (last day of school before Christmas break btw) and work, I will leave you looking at one of my favorite Christmas tree pictures: Our tree this year. New ornaments, as I do every other year, this time in silver and gold. A little bit of light and lots and lots of Love !!

Have a most wonderful Christmas Season everyone, may you be done with Christmas shopping soon and be able to enjoy the time spend with your family to the fullest !!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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