A Saturday not as we imagined

We all been up since quite a while and at around 730am I told the boys to get dressed and we are going to get breakfast before we are off to the German bakery to get the last things I needed for some goody bags, secret Santa and what not. This plan sounded really good, the boys were on board and ready to go in about 15 minutes plus a great thing to pass the time between 730am and 9am when the bakery actually opens.

So, this sounds pretty idyllic and easy, right? It was, too, for the first about 60 minutes. But then the normal Saturday turned into a hospital station while we were at home, and I couldn’t get anything done I wanted. The youngest got sick as a dog and started throwing up all over himself and the bench at IHop when I ‘decided’ we should go home lol and take it slow. But really, I  hate when the kids get sick, especially like that and for a second there it looked like he carried the tradition of getting sick over Christmas like his sister always did in her younger years.

Once at home we were just chilling, he took a nap at some point for a few hours but still wasn’t better afterwards. Once we reached the point of not having any fluid in him and the bit he did drink coming right out after he drank I packed him up and went to the ER. Yeah, better safe than sorry. I know. Usually I am more of a “it’s probably just a 24 hour bug, lets see how you doing tomorrow” person but with not keeping any fluids and such I always rather play it safe.

After  a few hours at the hospital they let us go again after they managed that little guy actually kept in some of the water he drank and at least one of the pop sickles they gave him. Next challenge: Go to the bathroom!! Once that was done we were finally allowed to go home. You could tell he was doing better as well. He talked more, started to be the crazy fun loving kid I know.

So bottom line the Saturday was very quiet, I did finish some, well all, of the gingerbread men with decorating and baking a whole new batch of triple the dough for new cookies and the kids, all three of them, were doing pretty good in the department of behaving 🙂

Now we are talking bedtime for myself though so I can finish up my last chores for the weekend tomorrow and enjoy a lovely 3. Advent with the family and better half in the afternoon. Have a great night everyone….


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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