Keto all the way once more

These past weeks been a steady up and down with me and Keto. A love-hate relationship so to speak cause we had Christmas and New Years and family get-togethers and Keto was only second on my mind.
I am aware you all know that struggle and most of you have been there as well.

I tried not to go too overboard and overall had a good run with that and didn’t totally overdo it like there is no tomorrow but: I have had enough, I was 2.5kg around family and friends and that needs to be taken care off. lol

So today I had a busy, but good day and got my fridge and pantry Keto ready again. I still have had my stables and such but I got my meal plan ready, bought what I needed, weight out my food, meats and prepped as much as I could for these next two weeks. One could say I am on track again. And I am proud of it. Now just to get that cooking done, tonight it was beef patties w cheese and mayo wrapped in lettuce and the kids had it with fries and a bun.
So there is always a way to get my food kid ready. I am lucky and thankful that the kids love the Keto as well and only if even, just need a few ‘adjustments’.

Today for the first time I bought one of those huge 20 lbs hamburger meat rolls. Crazy. I know but man I got quite a few smaller packages out of it and tomorrow the first one will be made into a meatloaf filled with blue cheese and spinach. I am very excited for that to be honest. And cannot wait to cook that tomorrow. For the kids, it’s probably rice with it and I get the simple meatloaf.

So y’all should hang on tight cause I will post, after quite a while and I apologize for that, the recipe again including the macros so y’all know what you eating 🙂 But believe me, it’s going to be good

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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