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It’s been a week.  But first I want to apologize that I didn’t get to upload the entry for the Keto meatloaf just yet. I, however, am almost finished typing and editing it and then you get to see it and find it in all its glory.

This week was just long and it ain’t Friday yet, either. From Monday on I was and am just on a constant get-go and it seems like I haven’t stopped just yet. I am a work animal so if there is work to do and I know what needs to be done I try and get things done 100% and as soon as I can so there is room for new tasks, new projects or whatever else is needed at the moment.
Hence, when this week started with me mostly being held back cause of people that wee constantly chatting or wanting this and that and dragging me away from my tasks on hand I first got frustrated for the first few minutes, then I took lunch and a nice little walk ( this was Tuesday) and after I finished up what I could and then just went home.

See, I am German. That means as a rule of thumb you can bet that we are early. Or most of us are. Always. To work. To dates. For meetups, appointments… it does not matter. We are early. Better early than late and usually, or mostly, always between 10 and 15 minutes at the least. So, now you know that although I left earlier I did get in the hours I needed to work that day. Cause yeah, you won’t catch me leaving early and not having at least the minimum of hours I need to work lol

Anyhow. Wednesday I went to work got the videos done really early and I think it helped that I got a bit of a housecleaning job in between so it was stretched out a bit between all the computer work these past few days and yesterday.
That said I stayed 2 hours longer cause things needed to get done but I am back on track. Body, mind, and soul.
Silke is back and killing it once more.
So, after today is done and I am home after all my errands and putting the minions to bed for their last school night of the week, I will sit down and get you the meatloaf recipe plus the awesome and totally easy cheese sauce I made with it.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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