A Keto Morning

Life. It has me in its claws since a few weeks now and I can’t seem to actually really sit down and take a break.

So many things going on. Life is happening all around me. The boys are growing up. I am working and loving it. The eldest is grown and doing her own thing.
And then, when I get a chance to sit down, look around in the house at almost 4 am by now, I see the following:

a clean house, happy children minus their daily ‘i want….’ tirades, a roof over heads and food in our fridge and belly. Everyone as healthy as can be and trying to enjoy life to its fullest. Oh, and a Christmas Tree that is still fully up an decorated cause (go figure by now) I haven’t found anything that could replace that tree where it is right now. Why? BecauseI’dd hate to take down the tree and have a really empty spot. But: Today’s mission is taking down the tree, cleaning house (once more, yes I know I am slightly OCD) and then, once all of that is said and done got to my trusted Lowes and pick out a wonderful, tall plant to put in its place. Until next Christmas and then we do this all over again lol

As for why I am up this early…. tossing and turning got quite boring at some point, then baking and my keto desserts popped into my head and so I swung my butt out of bed, into my kitchen and started baking.
Once the raspberry crumble is done (recipe is on this blog to find here) I can start putting the choc chip cookies into the oven. Those should also be found in my kitchen (ok, after going back and looking I have to say, I lied, they are not ‘in my kitchen’ yet. I will have to add them asap and then you can find them there!!) and then this house will be smelling soo good by the time all my minions are up and ready to get this day going.

Plans today, you ask? Why, of course! Trying to get all my ‘chores’ done in a timely manner and then we will be headed up to the North End for some Thors, Zelda and hanging out with the better half. I love my weekends! Nothing better to be honest.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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