Well, here is something to talk about (TMI for some)

I have to admit, this is the first time I read about this and it might be TMI for a few of you but, for whoever stays with me, reads the whole thing (I got a few thoughts about this), I would love to hear from you 1)have you ever heard of this outside the US or especially if you are here in the US and 2) what are your thoughts on this??

Giving birth. It is something almost every woman will do at some point in her life and we consider it, mostly, a wonderful experience. Yes, painful, but forgotten all about the pain as soon as we get to hold that little, precious baby in our arms.
So far you all with me, right!?

Now I gotta tell you a bit about myself which I usually keep to myself cause, quite honestly, I have no one close enough here that should care about this or needs to know this. However, with the topic I am about to tell you, this is some ‘useful’ information.

  • three births. each about 6.5 years apart from each other
  • three wonderful kids
  • all of them without any painkillers, epidurals or such, and fast as heck (thank god)
  • I tore with all three of my children (third degree with all three of them) which happens when the babies might come out too quick and in some cases, the doctor cuts you which is called episiotomy saying it’ll help you get stitched up better afterwards
  • all three times I got stitched up after giving birth
  • all three times outside the us, thank you, army life

These are the tiny things you need to know so you know what I am talking about when I am talking about this next thing:

the husband stitch 

I was like, what in the hell is that? And why would anyone want to do that? Come to find out, after reading this article that it was rather common practice here in the US. I mean who in their right mind would ok that?
What is it, you ask? Well, it is rather simple but with crazy, painful implications for the women for years to come:
It is simply the doctor who is stitching you up after giving birth, stitching you up too tight because it was believed that it would give the husbands ‘more pleasure’ practicing intercourse with their wives after giving birth and it’s called ‘the husband stitch’. 

It’s already bad enough that doctors seemed to joke around about it, the men never even were aware of the implications it brought or even inside of the delivery room when the baby was born. Nevermind you laying there, as a new mom, totally worn out, probably high on painkillers, a stressful birth, epidural possible and you just kind of hear this guy joke around, not sure if he is talking to you or not, just wanting to hold your baby and get it all over with when it comes to having to lay there, your legs spread open and having a guy with a needle stitch you up again.

Not to mention it is bringing all the sexist views back into the delivery room, OBGYN and medical care that doctors think they have the say into how their patients vaginas should look and say they do this so ‘woman would have a tighter and prettier looking vagina’ or to think ‘medical reason and we doctors know whats best for you and/or your body and we can do what your body can’t’…
Utter bullshit if you ask me.
Do women tear because of birth? Yes! But, their bodies are made for this and there is no way to interfere or, in the case of this stitch to interfere this much and make life miserable for woman for years to come!!

The Article I have been reading this morning can be found here .



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