One of those hair days

Now, I know, I know, this is not one of the best pictures of me and I get it. It’s freaking 5am, I am getting ready for work and to get the kids up and ready for school and am not quite feeling the day just yet…
But here I am, really starting to go crazy with this whole “ I am trying to grow my undercut out again” thing cause it is a pain in my behind.

I kind of love the fact, ok love is maybe a bit too strong of a word but like fits pretty well, that my hair is longer again so I can do fun things with it like curling it or putting it up in a ponytail or such. But, the sites… they are at this awkward 1-inch stage where they stand up in all directions after a night of sleep and it takes forever to find a kind of ok way to ‘cover up’ most of those growing out sides.

So, today, I decided to just kind of comb it all back and use a ton of gel and hairspray to keep it in place. I just didn’t feel to go through the hassle of taking out my curling iron, or flat iron and try to make it somewhat presentable any other way.

Lots of pixie people know my pain here, I know it. And I been there a few more times and am also really tempted to just shave my undercut again cause now with it getting longer it looks better and better… It’s always such a hard decision to make though… I am currently on the ‘I let the sides grow till June and then see if they are long enough for a cute bob’ stage. If that does not work out the way I want it is either back to pixie or undercut.

I am just not made for the whole ‘women need to have long hair’ story and am not patient enough to take care of long, or longer, hair anymore. Also, quite honestly, the short hair fits my face very well and I am still, every now and then, playing with the thought of buzzing it all off at some point. Not too old for some risque stuff yet lol
Plus, when the apocalypse happens there is no time for long hair maintenance anyways as the better half likes to think I would rock it pretty good as well from what I am gathering by his apocalypse statement lol

As for now though, let’s see where this goes, there will always be some short or undercut thing involved in my future hair endeavors; so stay tuned and let me tell you soon how patient I actually am NOT lolsharing-is-caring

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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