Busy Bee Life

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If you take this picture, minus the bed, that was me ALL>DAY>LONG

First I decided after a long hard think over the weekend that the website I did for my work needs changing. Changing to be better, cleaner, more professional and reflecting us way more than the old one did.
So here I am, for about 75% of my workday working and thinking my butt off to make this happen the way I kind of have it in mind, the way Boss lady will like it, and so everything else is nice and clean for everyone else to read and use. I think I’ve succeeded. If you all are interested in what I am doing, you can find it all HERE. 

Then I come home and from all these changes I am not very happy with the pages I have.
Decide to get rid of the one with all the photography stuff on it; yes, you will see some pictures on this blog and I will do picture only posts here and there, but the second page/blog I have had is now officially gone.
Then I, of course, started playing with the colors, backgrounds, themes, and fonts again and it took me another 3 hours to get this blog into the here and now.


OCD I’m telling ya, it ain’t fun. Plus I just can’t sit anymore for much longer so that mostly was a contributing factor on how I am doing with the development of this blog and how it looks as well. Not gonna lie..this bench and sitting all day has my back aching and my muscles screaming. Some yoga is definitely in order as soon as the minions are in bed and the house is quiet so I can actually relax.

But, bottom line, it is new, it is fresh and I hope y’all enjoy looking through it all, reading it and following me on my future adventures!!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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