10 more days

I cannot believe this. This is it. The time is finally here and I am still pretty calm lol. Usually, I get really excited/nervous about an upcoming trip because it is outside the US and I want to make extra sure that I have everything I need for this trip but, not this time.
I am cool, calm and collected as they say lol

On the inside, I am super excited to see something new. Go somewhere I have never been before and have my man to be my ‘guide’ again while we discover some things he’s seen already and some things new to both of us.

Where are we going? Oh, of course, I forgot: Victora B.C. is the destination for our little trip this time. And it will also be the first time that we plan an actual ‘mini vacation’ trip and the emphasis is on vacation because we usually always do some hiking or outdoor adventure when we are going somewhere together.
But this, this will be pure enjoyment, learning and to see new things, relaxing as good as we can for a three day weekend and hoping it ain’t terrible weather up there.
Then again, a 4 hours trip from where I am, the weather is not changing too much and I am already keeping an eye on that one as well.


One thing I would really love to see is Craigdarroch Castle though. I have been reading up on it and the architecture is just so gorgeous. Also all kinds of old buildings, parks, museums… I wonder how much I can cram into a 3 day weekend with 1 full day there. It’s gonna be fun catching that ferry at 8 am on Friday morning and then the next one on Sunday.

I missed this adventure in my life and am glad we get a bit of a weekend to keep going with our adventurous life before I am back for the next trip to the vineyard and my man is planning his new trip a few short days after ours as well. Exciting times to come, no question there.

Now, let’s get planning in
3 …
2 …
1 …


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