3 things that went well yesterday

Doctor, doctor and more doctor … The end. lol

But really, it’s been a very successful day yesterday with the appointments I had lined up for the minions.

First off:
The oldest once more had an appointment trying to get someone in this Hospital to listen to her, to help her, to work with her to get her on her way to successful treatment and we both were pleasantly surprised when, for once, not the same ole PCP came through those doors of the room but instead someone who cared enough to listen and someone determined enough to make sure she gets the treatment she needs. 
Yes, Military Hospitals and doctors are not fun to deal with but I am happy to say that, next to that old hag in October, we were very lucky with our doctors, treatments, wait times and such so far. Yes! Thank the Lord! 

Now we, well primarily she, can finally start her journey to a better self and out of the mental health trap she is sadly stuck in for a few years now. 2018 will be a very fantastic year. I am now very much convinced of this! We have follow up appointments and all set up so she is not missing a beat with everything that needs to be done now. 

Her Diploma came in now that I am finally finished paying off her online school and that child has a 3.7 GPA and from what I understand as a German in this country with a totally different school and grading system than we have, that is not bad at all!! I believe 4.0 GPA is about the best that can be !? Correct me when I am wrong though… 

I am very proud of her that no matter what and with all the problems she had in public school toward the end of her 11th year she did a fantastic job and was so damn self-motivated once she switched over to online schooling and therefore her own schedule. She went through that in no time and finished 12th grade in March 2017 with technically a few more month, basically a year, to spare. 

And Number three: 

Life is going well in all aspects of life!! It couldn’t work out any better in love and life for me and the better half, we are both loving what we are doing for jobs, we both love the minions and each other.
Life is a great, wonderful journey these days I welcome with open arms. Every single day. And I couldn’t be more proud of my children than I am every single day and to see them grow up in this house, their or my forever home and making wonderful memories is priceless!! And although some nights and evenings seem very long cause I am worn out, tired and these kids are sick or just not tired, never forget that in the bigger picture the days and years in which they are that small are very short and one needs to enjoy every second of it, every opportunity to cuddle cause they will grow out of this phase and you wish you could get those long nights back one more time!! 

And with that: 
Go, hug your kiddos (if you have any) or your nieces or nephews, your S/O and just tell the people in your life that you love them if you do!!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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