I’ve got this Friday feeling…

Mornings at 5 am in Olympia…this girl is up, doing laundry, checking on her work things and seeing what she can get into without too much effort just yet. lol. Coffee in hand, of course!


A shower is needed at some point before I am headed out to do some work, lots of driving today, and trying to get more clients today. It’s an important thing I do and although I am perfectly fine and probably more happy to just try and do that from behind my computer at work with a hundred taps open, people on the phone or email communications, it is not too bad for oneself to step out of your comfort zone every once and a while and try to give the business a face and put a face to the name they are interacting with.
Yes, I know what is important. That just does not make it easier given the fact that I am not necessarily a people person, someone that likes to talk in front of people or such things.

It is nice though, to get a bit more dressed up, and meet other people though… I am getting the hang of it lol

My brain is also slowly getting into vacation mode, thinking about what I actually need to pack (only a weekend, so it’s not gonna be super much) what we could/should do and see, when I will leave for picking up the better half and to be at the ferry at time, what to pack for the boys for their little hiking adventure with our friend who is watching the boys….So much to do… And please, Silke, don’t forget your passport lol I know that I usually forget at least one thing on every trip. Yeah, kind of makes me me, doesn’t it!?

Any suggestions about Victoria BC? I’ll take em! Just leave a comment and as always if you like what you read, feel free to share it as well.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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