Happy Valentine’s Day



Valentines Day my lovelies!!
I hope you all got to spend this special day with your special someone but, then again, I am also hoping that you all don’t need a ‘special day’ like Valentines Day to have your special someone show you how much they love you…

The better half spend the day before Valentines Day with us for my middle minion’s concert and I snuck my little present into his things while he was here then (fair enough I do that quite often so I think he almost knows or expects that especially on a day like today I will do no different lol). Just a few little goodies since he is off diet for the Victoria B.C. weekend that will also be anniversary weekend and Valentines Day celebration lol
Yeah, we are busy and make it a good and fun occasion where ever we go.

As for my little Valentine, I didn’t need anything really and was totally happy that we get to go away and escape for a weekend together but he managed to surprise me yet again. We did a drive-by gift giving and I love the way things just work out and seem like they are meant to be between us 🙂

I have been really busy with work, driving from client to client, running errands and so he found me in the parking lot when he was driving in and while I was driving out! And in true Bonne and Silke style we did our thing and I couldn’t wait to open and see what he got me. I knew it was  something special but this, this took the cake 🙂
*see pictures up top*

I love the way he takes care of the little things and remembers what I would like, or in this case, asked for cause it is meant to be a part of something bigger. And now I really cannot wait to get this bigger picture done as soon as we are back and I get everything else lined up. I was all smiles every day like I am not anyways lol, but this was the biggest, bestest thing he could have done for me!! As for what it is, you will have to stay tuned a bit more cause I am not gonna tell you until it is all done and I am sure he will like it as much as I hope and as much as I already like/love it!!

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