Weekend Worries

Its been a while and it’s been super busy here after we got back from Victoria BC.
The week has been a crazy hectic work week with lots of different, difficult things to work out, to figure out and I am about to be all caught up with everything that was going on and falling apart while I was gone for that one day lol
And there I was, sitting in my office the day before I left and jokingly told my Boss that everything is going to fall apart while I am gone for that one day. Of course, I knew it from the beginning and I was not disappointed in my knowledge lol

The joy of the short weekend getaway to Canada was short lived though since we got a rather very concerning text from the ‘brother in law’ that our baby bear Zissou is not doing good and has quite the problems with his legs, arthritis and cannot walk. So the joy of it all and the memories of the journey were put into the back of our heads to see and find out what is going on with my baby bear.

No eating, no drinking or not a lot, and no walking plus pain got him to the vet a few times, then one overnight stunt at the vet clinic to get him hydrated, to manage his food intake and he was back a day later. Still pretty lethargic from being on pretty strong painkillers but back with all of us.
And then the waiting and Zissou watch started for the better half and all his family. I finally managed to go and see my baby bear yesterday afternoon where he seemed to get better, and even walked on his own, limping, careful and ever so slowly out into the backyard with help from the better half first, then on his own to finally go about his business. To use those muscles again. And to enjoy the snow that just started falling a bit earlier during the day yesterday.

The baby bear is definitely on the mend, slowly but surely and with some extra and special TLC from all of us but on the mend never the less.
It made all of our hearts jump when we saw him walk, stand, get up, sit and do his business on his own, no help from us!! Those are the best moments:
When your kid(s) are doing better again, no matter if it is the furry kids or the human kids 🙂 It’s always 100 times better to see they are on their way to be better again.

So this weekend is still a quiet one before the better half heads out to a new one week adventure and before I get going to write you all about our little weekend trip which, low and behold, was already one week ago…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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