Life…it’s passing by too fast these days

20180217_165652.jpgThis has been a week ago this past Sunday. It’s been a great mini vacation we took and clocked out of our daily lives for a few tiny days just to enjoy each others company and a new side of life again.
We haven’t been on quite as many adventures as we were on at the beginning of our two years and counting and we are not sad about it. We are growing up along the way, working rather much and trying to provide a stable environment for us, the families and the future plans that are knocking on the door rather early.

With this said, I miss this dude already!!
He is on another little trip with the mom for her birthday and I won’t get too much into it cause if anyone wants or needs to tell that story, it is him, not I. But, I know he is in Atlanta currently, waiting on his next flight and I miss him already.
And all while I am here, preparing to get the boys out of bed soon, and then I am headed off to another day at work. I do love my work though. So, in a sense, I have that going for me, unlike quite a few other people that would rather stay home than go to work at all. But man, I am not made for this staying at home life. It is just not thinkable and/or doable for my little self to just sit around… No can do, sir!

With that said, and the man gone until Saturday, I will sit down this week after work and finally get going on those mini vacation reports lol. I have been saying this for a few days now, I know, but forgive me…it’s been a constant and non-stop going 24/7 since we got back and I rather fall onto my couch with the minions and then, in turn, fall asleep there with the minions sleeping beside me. A girl gotta get her sleep somehow and at some point lol Sleep is king, after all. Now let’s get this day going, feed the cats, spray the Gekko, dress the minions and then I’ll be back rather sooner than later.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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