One of those days

It’s one of those days. The night was quiet, restful, and I was seriously sleeping from the moment my head hit the pillow until almost 5am.

Yet, once I got up, got the kids ready, got life ready, and started to get dressed I had this grumpy feeling. No matter what I am wearing today, no matter how my hair will look like, I will not feel comfortable in my own skin today.
I have those days. A lot. And these past days they were a bit less, and I battled them successfully but today, today is no such day.

A) I feel like I have a shit load of stuff to do and nothing is getting done. That means that in my own little OCD world everything is crumbling and falling cause nothing is the way I want it or need it to be already.

B) No matter what I will wear today, I went from a skirt and warm sweater to dress and to pants, nothing will really fit, nothing will be the way I imagined it will/would look and I am not happy with my body at all. And it won’t matter what anyone would say, this alone brings my state of mind to a rather grumpy one and it is hard to leave that prison, so to speak.

C) Who in the bloody hell ever decided that me growing out my hair would be splendid and so much fun cause I would be able to do so many more things with longer hair!?! It was utter nonsense and I am not having it. This hair is ridiculous and there is a hair change in order in 4 days when I don’t count today. 5 days when I count today as well since this day just started basically.

So, overall it really doesn’t matter how today goes, the grumpy will be there. The mood of “I just want to sit on my couch in my pajamas and watch a movie or go to the gym and sweat out my soul” will be overshadowing most of everything I will be doing today and I need to watch out a lot that I do not snap at people that are not even the cause of this but, only in my life cause either I brought them into this life or they cross path cause I need to leave this house.
Be careful, I am not having it today and slightly wishing that this day would be somewhat over already. Also, this day over and one day closer to having the b better half back as well. This might also be an underlying reason why I am a bit grumpy and in this “everything stupid” mood… I miss that guy!

Anyways, you all have a fantastic day and I hope your mid-week shenanigans are going well and you all enjoy this hump day as best as you can !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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