Again, where does the time go?!

pexels-photo-355952.jpegRemember when it was only last week, and I just got to writing again cause I had a few minutes between everything I am doing day in and day out, and when I told you that with the better half gone I should have some time to get you all caught up with the mini vacation and such!? yeah, well… It’s a week later, the better half is coming home tomorrow night and I have been working my butt off more or less and was lucky enough when I was able to stay up between 830/9 pm to get the minions to bed without crashing on the couch while they were still winding down.

I don’t know what it is exactly, the amount of work I am done for everyone and everything, that feeling of not being mentally rested and then the fact that I am just really tired as soon as I am walking in the door and can’t even really take care of a deep clean that my house would need these days. Spring Cleaning. Yeah, not these days and not this chick…

Will it ever get better? I do hope so once the rain and cold stops and the sun is coming out more, the weather is getting warmer and my overall wellbeing is on the upside again as well.

I am very much in a state of blah still and on top of this the usual feeling that nothing fits, I don’t look the best I could, that the overall appearance is, well, not what I would like it to be right now as a bottom line for the whole dilemma.

Another reason why I am usually sleeping so much these days and am so tired most the time. Here, who needs a person to talk to and pay money to do so?! I psychoanalyze myself real quick lol But really tho, don’t shy back from talking to someone and seeking professional help if you need to. It is a big step already to acknowledge that something is wrong but you can be so proud of yourself if you take the second most important step and go out and find someone you connect with that can help you through the deeper things that are going on in your life which you need help with.

And that, friends and family, is the take from today’s day and happenings! I still just psychoanalyze myself though cause I got three kids and a job and don’t have time to squeeze in appointments to talk with people about my problems of bloating (yeah we all get there sometimes) and all the other things that make me feel blah and area basically only because of my current appearance lol

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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