Just another manic Monday…

..but not too manic after all I have to say.

It’s been the usual up and down from getting up, I was once more up about an hour before my alarm went off, and getting ready to get out of the house and to work… It’s a Monday after all. As some of you might have read earlier in the day, the new do, but also a quite solid night of sleep and the knowledge of getting paid today helped to get this day started.

I have been driving all around today, getting evaluations done for work, got a new commercial contract, got a few more fliers distributed and been on my feet ever since my butt swung out of bed lol
I even got to see the better half for a few minutes and picked up a table for my humble abode real quick before I went on my merry way and finished the rounds of evaluations, reeling in contracts and making the world and other peoples houses a cleaner place.

I love to help those who need it most, to see that some things I know how to do and can offer them actually helps when done right! It is a good feeling! And, of course, going through this world with a smile on your face cause you never know who might need one.
Change the world a smile at a time, and be happy as much as you can, it’s all in your attitude and how you talk to yourself! Some of you can tell I am doing better than I did last week and it is a good thing. Life is looking up again and just sitting here listening to my minions having their little chat while eating cereal about push-ups, fitness, and life is just glorious and I love when I get to listen to them and they are getting along very well and there is no arguing involved in our evening routine!!

It’s a good day…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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