So, I did a thing again lol

I am back to my lovely pixie hair.
First I really wanted to try and let that hair grow out for a little bit, then, when it was long enough, let the undercut I have had grow out again as well. But, as so often, it always comes and happens differently then we think.

The pixie is back, y’all

So, after a week of really weighing my options and emotional days between cutting it off, wanting it to grow and so on I made the decision I knew would be the best:
“Off with her hair!!” ok, ok, that is not what the Queen of Hearts really says but it was about the same just with a happier feeling lol

Now I am back with a pixie really nice and short on the sides and in the back but the top still somewhat long and I am not sure if I like it. I might actually go the extra mile and go even shorter again as I did about a year ago. I love the short hair and it fits my face so much better as well…  Now that this is done the blah mood has subsided quite a bit, the better half is finally home again which helps the mood tremendously as well and so it is off to a better feeling week this week. I am happy today. This hair does me good again!! I am really happy I did this again, as I was every time I cut my hair this short. So, bottom line:
I am a short hair, pixie kinda girl and will always be !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

5 thoughts on “So, I did a thing again lol

      1. not the first time. but I’m always coming back to it so it’s just ‘my hair’ lol Maintaining all depends on how long your hair is. This one right now takes a bit of effort, but I’ll be going shorter next week so it will be a get up and go kind of deal

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