Looking back on a good day ..repost

It20171109_0657331782616997.jpg has been a good day. Very good day. I started the morning off with the boys in school, getting ready and going up to the beautiful city I love to kick some ass lol literally, kickboxing was on. In my mind. My calendar. My plans. But, as life mostly goes, it did not quite work out that well. lol.
I got to the  better half with enough time to get ready, to warm up and then we are in the gym on our way to the ass kicking and it’s not going to happen. Nope. Not today. Although it was still in the calendar and everything but Andrea wasn’t there. So, what happened?? We don’t know. What we did know though, we didn’t come here for nothing… And so we did a quick 30 minutes on the tread mill, stretched and then, right then and there my Love said the best thing he could have: You feel like doing the Bridge Run to cool off?? Those words, those lovely words, I love to hear as much as possible.

I love our bridge run and could say I’d run every dang bridge with this man of mine. There is nothing more fun, or not a lot more fun, than doing those runs with him. It is the best and to bring that up as a ‘cool off’ for the work out we just did at the gym is the icing on the cake for me.
So we went of course and got a bit wet in the process but it’s been a blast!!! To me the bridge seemed a bit shorter than it felt 6 months ago, to him it seemed a bit longer he said.
Overall it’s been lots of fun and I love our runs that started in April of 2016 and from there on every 6 months. Nothing better in my book. And then after all that, after being wet through the clothes and running shoes, and bringing home that wonderful chocolate brown bear of ours the day is brightened every time I look over my right shoulder and see those wonderful, lovely and amazing smelling flowers I got from my man !! The one that is blooming right now is amazing and there are still four more to bloom soon. The look of those will be at least as amazing as the one that is in full bloom right now.

We did start our movie nights again on this day and I cannot tell you that I thought I missed them as  much as I apparently did. Just crazy that sometimes it only becomes apparent when you are living it so to speak. Meaning while sitting here and there, while watching the movie, I feel how much I loved these wonderful movie nights with him that have somehow become a tradition of ours as well. And one we started well before we even started officially dating and one that is always so wonderfully easy to incorporate into our lives, into our days and just the best since we love the same movies mostly and if not , we always love to learn about new movies or other genres in the process.
It has been an amazing journey so far in this new found love and life of mine and it is the most wonderful thing how easy everything is once you meet the right person and take a bit of a risk to have the life you want and to fight for the life and love you want.

And with that, I wish you all a wonderful good night, and hope you all will have a great Veterans Day tomorrow!! Celebrate the ones you are love…every day !!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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