Life…it sure happens

Well, as Y’all know I need to rely on my trusty motorized steed every single day of my life. If it is not for work, which it basically is 3/4 of my day to day life, it is for groceries, errands, taking the kids places and so on.

As of Tuesday morning that trusty steed was not so trusty anymore and rather gave me quite the headache, worries and a life without a car though. What happened? Well, for one the damn wheel bearings need replacing in the back right which I knew as soon as I turned the first corner on my journey to Narnia, aka work cause you walk in and never know what happens today and what you’ll find waiting for you, and heard that very familiar sound of clinking metal and that every time I took a turn (for the worse lol).

So after work I made my way to a few different shops down here and then found one down in Lacey that kept the car, was about the cheapest, and because it was nightfall and the stores in even this country close at a certain time, they kept the steed, I called my knight in shining armour and four wheels and started my journey to a life without a car. Not necessarily happy seeing I didn’t know yet how long I’d be out of commission so to speak with work and everything else in life and, what was more important, how much this little sidetracking of my journey called life would actually cost me.

But I had no choice than to wait. Wait for my knight to come get me, wait for the phone call that would tell me everything and wait so I could plan out the rest of this week. No need in playing a guessing game when you don’t have too much info anyways…

While waiting I made a very nice acquaintance with a worker at the Bakery Outlet right next door of the shop my car would spend a few nights and it was a great joy to talk about life, cars, kids and fun things with a new found friend. She is da bomb and someone one could use in life, making people smile and an inspiration when it comes to living life and getting your own small farm started (as I want to do with the .5 acres I own here)…
Good people all around me in places you wouldn’t have seen and/or known if life didn’t make this happen. A blessing in disguise as you will and I am thankful for that.

As for my four wheels, I got a call yesterday, it was a bit more than the bearings and am now waiting for the part to come in to get it fixed. We are talking until earliest Friday but probably more like Monday afternoon the way it looks like with it being the weekend soon, shipping might take two days and then putting it in. So, yours truly has a few very quiet days on her hands with no work or anything except her errands she can do at home and the rain outside. No yard work either yet and we are hoping the weather is at least clearing up over the weekend so I can get my yard started then…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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