A look back…memories and changes


It’s been a look back at the lovely memories we made weekend. Life has been a hectic and super stressful one and so I love to sit back and look back at better, fun times. No matter if it is a weekend with only the Love or a weekend trip with the minions and my love… Happy times are good times to look back at.

Todays smiling face was brought to you by Victoria B.C. and while we just finished buying souvenirs and enjoyed a few more small things to see and a Sunday morning which was very windy but filled with sunshine.

As for today it’s the usual Monday morning, decisions to be made, kids have to be brought to the bus, I have to go to work and then enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather while on my lunch break and as soon as I am done with work while the better half sees the even sunnier side of America and is currently on his way to AZ to go on a treasure hunt lol
It’ll be fantastic and I cannot wait to see him again soon though to talk to him in person again, to laugh with him in person, to sit and enjoy time together while we plan the next whatever it will be lol.

” Love, like life, is an adventure! Live it! “

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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