The stuff that has your hair turning gray


Neighbors… Chances are each and everyone has them.
Some are good, some are bad, some are nosy…but mostly they leave you alone for the better part of your life and if they do talk to you or interact they are of the friendly sort.
Well, not in this case. The ones I have here are a special sort of Neighbors. The sort that is hell bend it seems to get you out of the house you bought in hopes of a nice, quiet life for your kids and yourself.

So after a while of ignoring said neighbors and all the hate they were trying to stir up, it got quiet. Too quiet. I somewhat really enjoyed the quiet and being able to live in my house and front or backyard the way I wanted to. Then, all of a sudden, it starts back up. And who knew that it took some illegal yardwork by them to get mad at me!? I mean, this is really the most logical way, right!?

Afterall it was all of us that were without water cause our water pipes that run from our well got damaged and it took them to fix it after they figured out what they did. It really is a piece written for a tv show and I would probably think it was funny if it wasn’t so damn serious and they started going through my work to try to get to me and even threatened me at the end there…  So this gal is going to build herself Fort Knox while I am living here and keeping an extra worried eye out on my children every second we are home and will be investing into security cameras so I can have an eye on what is going on here at night as well.
I guess we are currently playing let’s throw everything at me at once and let’s see how well she will handle all the stress and stressful situations. But, I am sorry my friends, I will not give up, I will hold my head up high, I will not break although I might have to bend a little, and I will come back stronger once more and with more fun in and at life than you will ever have in your entire life and the same goes for my children. They will see that with determination and hard work everything is possible to overcome and to make a better life for yourself if you are working hard on it and have your mindset right!!

Well, that’s all for tonight, just some thoughts scrambled around in my brain and a bit of venting to keep the mind clear and ready to go for tomorrow 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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