Vineyard Easter Weekend



Easter weekend has come and gone and we had our selves a nice little vineyard adventure once more.
We haven’t been there since Christmas and after my very freeing, yet a bit nerve wrecking stunt with work, I really, really needed that retreat.

It was a good start to get this new life going, to recenter and to spend a wonderful weekend with the family. The minions loved to be back with auntie and grandma and overall it was a very well rounded, fun-filled weekend to be had on all accounts.

Of course, there wasn’t a day where I did not work while I was at the vineyard and had the opportunity to help out for a bit. I love the work and to learn something new every time I am there. And we now have officially seen Monticule Vineyard during all four seasons as well. That is an accomplishment and I am proud to say I will be back mid-April for another fun weekend of work and family with the minions!
Here we are just fixing the wires for the next round of grapes that will be growing on it and my middle minion was helping and eager to learn what to do as well. Although pretty easy to do, it can get a bit monotone out there when you do it by yourself. So I am glad that the minion and better half were out there with me. Although, I have to say that just being surrounded by that wonderful view doesn’t make the work that horrible either lol



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    • My friends, adopted family really, have a vineyard where I go, stay, help out, relax… it is the best and ultimate getaway when you need to plug out from life for a bit


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