And this is where I quit


The time has come where I had to ask myself the most important question for my well-being yet:
How much longer do you want to keep doing this job when the effort you put in is double what you get back?
And so I quit.

Well, not ‘just like that’ and there were three weeks of debating, arguing with myself and talking it over with the better half over and over again, and two weeks of sleepless nights (literally sleepless cause that work situation crept into my dreams and had me have nightmares almost every night) and lots of back and forth with myself and arguing with myself if I will be able to do this.
Can I support my family without this job? Afer all, that was the reason I got this job cause I need the money to support my family and pay the bills, put the food on the table and all these other grown-up things you gotta do when you have and raise minions.

But then again, we never got our paychecks on time and when my car was in the shop (I think I told y’all about it) there were things going on behind my back while I was not at work that was just not ok anymore. Next to still waiting for my paycheck to pay for the car bill once I was able to pick it up again..

And that Friday was the day I decided I cannot do this anymore. They put me deliberately in a situation I was in two years ago; not knowing where the next money is coming from, not knowing how to pay the bills and/or how to put food on the table and that WITH a job is just not ok. I swore that I will never be in that situation again and so I started getting ready to leave this job and all its toxic things behind me.
I looked for another job, I started to remove myself from everything that I did not need and did not want to be associated with (which was pretty easy since they basically took over half my job while I was gone and not in a good way) and then it got down to the nitty-gritty.

My letter of resignation was written and I just had to wait it out so to speak.
My last week came around with being double booked, sometimes triple booked and days where I drove more than 160miles in a day just to get done what all they scheduled. Not caring if I was double booked or not or how I would make it from A to B with enough time I decided that I had enough this past Thursday. The timing was perfect as I as well would be crucified (quitting at work with quite some cussing on the boss’ part I imagined) so to speak and rise again three days later (coming back refreshed and with a new outlook on life from the vineyard) with a new outlook on life, the heavy burdens lifted and everything in zen with me and the world around me.

And that was what I did essentially.
Now I am here, with a new job that I love, still waiting on the old job to actually send me my last paycheck (in good old fashion they are, again, at least a week late with paying and are now even more so thinking that I am not working there anymore and maybe completely getting out of paying -or so they think)  and a boss I actually get along with who has a vision for their business and I am happy to be a part of it!

So, here is to new beginnings and lessons learned in life as I believe that this as well was a lesson worth learning and something I had to go through to become a better person, to judge people better and just overall be more open-eyed when it comes to people. Some just don’t want the help you try to give them and that is ok, too!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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