It’s Spring Break

The boys have a great time so far.
It’s been pretty busy from the vineyard weekend and yesterday was definitely a chill day for all of us. Well, after I went to get some cardio in in the morning with the better half.

We really just been hanging out, enjoying a quiet afternoon and have done all the errands in the morning so it was well deserved in my opinion.
Now I got a bit of me time today cause the boys are at a friends house until this afternoon and I am busy changing things up here, then heading out to the North End and see my Love for a little while before heading back home, fixing dinner for and with the boys (we are doing some nice cooking time together with the middle minions favorite breakfast for dinner) and tomorrow I will be up and ready to meet with the new boss for transfer of scanner, files and everything else so I can go full steam ahead with the new job. I am so very excited to get this going and know it will be a lot better than the other one. At least I am seriously hoping for bigger and better and will give my all, as I always do, to get where I need to be and where the job needs to be and needs to go in the future. But, it has a lot of promise and I am excited that I mostly will be able to work from home and get all these little things done here a few hours a day and I will be all set and it will help everyone else a lot as well.

I will for sure keep you all updated though. And on that note:
There is still no paycheck in the mail from the old job and I wonder how that will go over sometimes. But they better be paying lol

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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