Gold Star Spouse Day

April 5th is the day of the Gold Star Spouse!godl star flag


It is the day, dedicated to the Wives and Husbands of the fallen members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, or as a result of service-connected disabilities. 

On this day, more than ever, Gold Star Spouses come together, to support each other but also to raise awareness of the tremendous sacrifice that their Spouses and entire family made as the result of their military career.

Not many people are familiar with the title or organization but it really is one more Americans should be aware of and we all should appreciate and recognize this day!

Here are a few things that people should know about this amazing tribe of people, the Gold Star Spouses:

  • The organization provides support to people around the nation and have regional chapters throughout the country and hold a yearly conference.
  • The group fights legislative change to help provide for the widows and widowers with compensation increases, strengthen survivor benefit plans, obtain educational payment and strengthen networking.
  • The woman who founded the Organization, Mary Speer, started this in organization in 1954.
  • First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the founding members of the Gold Star Wives.

Here is a link with these few tidbits of information but so much more if you are truly interested in learning more about this wonderful tribe of people and what they do for each other.

I do not think that many of you know, that I am a Gold Star Spouse as well, since October 2015, but never put much into that title as I feel it is asking for ‘extras’ or ‘handouts’ more than anything else and I still cannot deal with the ‘thank you for your services’ or the ‘oh I am so sorry to hear that, was it in combat?’.
So for us, it is rather a normal day which will spend with the minions and our SOS (Survivor Outreach Services form JBLM) where two of my friends work and the families that will show up that day, at the Zoo.
We will ‘celebrate’ that day on the 14th of April instead of the 5th and it is different organizations coming together, free breakfast, coffee and entry into the Zoo here in town. The kids always love it and I get to see old friends and family again after a while since we are all adults and more than likely to busy with our day to day lives than really catch up all the time. So, for all that, this is a perfect opportunity and the Zoo is just the extra plus on this day with the kids.

I would love if you, on the next day, next year, just pause for a second and send up a little prayer for all of us. Some are used to the death and life without the service member already, for some it will be the first as a Gold Star Spouse and some are in the middle of the grieving process. Chances are there is even one or two of us around where you are 🙂

Thank you all and have a blessed day, everyone! Make it a good one and make it count!!

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