Memories surrounding me, the old and the new

This is my favorite setting in the morning. The laptop so I can get work done, a nice, hot cup of joe to start the day with and in the background the things I love: The treasure chest I got from the better half and the flowers which were my grandma’s favorite flowers and are now blooming into week 4 of their life. I believe that they are holding up this nicely this time cause

a) they were my grandma’s favorite flowers and
b) March was my grandmas birth month and sadly April will be two years since she passed away.

I am glad that I feel surrounded by her love and thoughts and memories every single day and her and my grandpa will always be with me, in all that I do. It means a lot to me and I think is the best way since I am too far away to just go and visit their grave or see them whenever I feel like it. So this is the definite next best thing that can be. Plus, these two wonderful people are everywhere in my house as well. In things I got from them over time, in pictures all over the house, in my kitchen with little trinkets I got from the grandparents which were in their kitchen as well, with memories and with little things I say or do and not even think about it until some time later it comes to mind that this is something one of them would have done as well.

As for today, I am easing back into working again, second to last day of Spring Break in this house as well, and it is quite fun. Been talking to the boss already and we are getting things set up and started slowly. Mostly filing away paperwork, sending out those emails and making phone calls if needed but it is a great work, I am blessed I can do that from home and that we get along very well and have the same future in mind for her company. It means a lot and I believe that meeting people, good or bad, and learning from each other is an incredibly wonderful way to go through life. Just stay open-minded and make the best out of every day. See the best in everything you encounter along the way and life will give you all its beauty to see and experience!

With this thought, I hope you will go through your Thursday with open eyes, an open mind and a smile to give to everyone you meet!
Happy living!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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