Happy Friday Lovelies

I do hope you all have a wonderful day so far.
It has been a rather interesting but also great day for me for now. I have been busy working in the morning, was trying to get some medication from the hospital on post but, oh my lord, it feels like Army Hospital is giving away free stuff cause I swear, people were all over the place waiting to be called into the pharmacy. Estimated wait time: 3 hours.  Wait, what? No thank you! I’ll try my luck again another time, either today or on Monday lol

So off I went to see one of my dearest friends at the SOS and their new location real quick for a quick chat, catch up and set up a date for a nice, little get-together tomorrow evening! I am excited to see her outside of work (wasn’t the case in a long time) and just enjoy some music, food and catching up. It’ll be fun.

Whilst there I got another call from Mama and I will be working a bit tomorrow and I am excited to do so. And then I will be over at the vineyard again in two weeks for some more family time paired with work and fun and hopefully better weather as well. I am glad that I can help out while I am living on the west side and they are on the east side of this beautiful state and so it makes it easier and helps out all of us involved. Yay for working together in a beautiful work environment!
And as for the other job, I am done for this week as well and am just waiting on meeting up with the boss to get the paper files and everything together so I can get going full steam ahead and become more helpful to her than I currently am. Since we are still kind of setting all up, the workflow is a bit iffy still but, I have faith it will even and smooth out in no time!

There is plenty of great things to come our way


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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