So, are we not doing Spring this year?!

For today I have been left with a day full of my blah. The mean reds, in the words of our wonderful Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, worse than the blues some people have, for me at least, and I hate when I am there, in that feeling and cannot get out of it. Or so it seems.


I cannot seem to focus on anything, thank god for two hours of work I did already although planned were at least four, and the gym I put effort into going right this morning once the boys were on the bus on their way to school. There it already started and I thought ‘oh boy, I shouldn’t do this but, I am on the way already so I might as well go’ and go I did… one hour of a nice little cardio session to exhaust the body, mind and burn some fat at least lol

What gets me in this wonderful, beautiful State is the rain. This raining season does not want to end and so the skies are constantly gray mixed with a little bit of gray and stormy winds here and there. Plus the neverending downpour of rain, some days lighter, some days harder, and not really any sun at all… This is the life in the PNW and I get it. I do. But, by God, can there be Spring already!?
I know there will if we want to believe these weather people, a few nice days after today with the best day being Thursday, but after that? Is there more rain on the way? Is it still going to be this gray on gray? When can I get to be outside, sit outside, BBQ, put on a fire and roast marshmallows or anything like that? Or, just forget all of that, and just let me be outside and get some good ole work done around the yard… I would totally be happy with that, to be honest. I need that good, honest work in my life again. To take care of this yard, to make it pretty and be proud of what I have done and sit back and relax while taking in the fruits of my labor lol


So…while I sit here, in front of my laptop, waiting for some work stuff to come in, and looking outside, watching the rain fall I keep daydreaming about the better ( and mostly hotter and sunnier days) ahead and hoping that people will make the best out of their lives, no matter where you all are, what is being thrown your way and always greet the day with a welcoming smile on your face!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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