Renovating my diet; or something like that

well, no, not really. Although I am renovating but that is ‘just’ my bathroom and it’s not really renovating either but finally going ahead with putting the second to last finishing touches into it.


It’s been a few weeks and I been back and forth with the bathroom on how I want the end product to look (going with a nice, easy going hotel theme here since it was started that way when we bought the house) and also back and forth with the Keto thing. It’s been a bit stressful at times, I gave into too many bread, carbs, chocolate (yeah, I am a sucker for that but, props to me, I didn’t touch Nutella once) and just the good stuff… I know you all know how that taste so I know you can’t really blame me when I did that up to three weeks or so ago.

food-breakfast-egg-milk.jpgThen I buckled down, started over with the goals I had (bathroom and diet) and have to say it is rather going well.
As far as the diet goes, it helps that I was constantly on the move these past weeks with having to hold interviews for the new job I have and so the unhealthy food is cut out of my life completely. Go me!!
The bathroom came together after talking with the better half about it and finally making a decision how I want the end product to look. So I went out, got what I needed and what was in store for me (two/three things needed to be ordered but the should arrive on the 5th of May “party day”) and went to work.

All out. Cleaning. Deep cleaning actually, floors, sink, tub, washed and replaced the shower curtains, hung the new curtain rod with the curtains up, drilled, put up, found new places, threw away things and then off to get my allotted food in for today.

I am still on Keto, yes. I am doing great on Keto, yes. I am more accountable to myself again, yes and, most importantly I am back into my gym rhythm!! I am most stoked about that I have to say.
Every morning off I go:
Boys to the bus and off to the gym. Not even coffee first (but definitely after) and tomorrow morning will be the first time after her gym session that I get to enjoy the new and improved bathroom as well!

Man, so many firsts or agains or definitely still going on’s lol

And whilst I am honest with me and the whole food situation/relationship I have with food which is not the healthiest and I really had to learn how to eat ~as crazy as that sounds~ today I struggle to chow down the food I need to get to my calorie and Keto goal. It’s one of those days I guess and I am still stuffing my face but I can feel that the stomach won’t work with me quite as well right now.

So here I go, off to food coma land until I can move again to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine a little while longer (whilst weeding my flower beds probably lol)

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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