…and so I sit here

and wait of things to come.

It’s been a crazy day and since the week has been the most smiley, happy, fun, wonderful week with everything on point, this hiccup of locking my keys into my car while I was out cleaning for someone does not even face me. Well not in the world where I don’t need any money. In the world of my bank account it did face me a bit but it’s still not too bad, folks!!

Now I am at this lovely but a bit too cold place called the volcano cafe and am waiting for this next interviewee to show up. Will she actually show? Who knows! These days I have to say that people which really want a job are few and far in between but out of those, females are the ones that dont even really bother to show up to even see if they would have a chance or fit in with the company… Disappointing to say the least cause everytime they just dont show, I wasted my time which, especially these days, is really precious to me and I could have used in such a better way!!

Discovering new cafe’s everywhere and at least 20miles in every direction from ‘home base’ is definitely worth it.

And, to be quite honest, as long as it’s not the big company starting with an S I am all for it. Plus: nothing beats people watching in my book especially if you have a cute little place to sit down and do it from.

So lets wait and see how this goes 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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