It’s a low day

and by that I mean I haven’t been there in a while.

I have been really good with my diet, even super 150% on point with fat intake and almost no carbs until Subday and Monday rolled around.

It didnt get super crazy, no. But it messed up my stomach pretty good as to where I am back to constant stomach aches and bloats almost 24/7 now since yesterday. This is not a way to go! I repeat: this is not a way to go!!

I forgot how painful and annoying this constant air, bloat, bathroom searching is and man, I am glad (and have to admit now), took it for granted once it was gone and will never take a pain free life for granted again.

Especially cause I really have to double down again on the food, no milk or anything like that, no bread and I will be golden again. Eventually. One day. It will happen.

At least my exercising is still on point and almost better than it ever was. So, for today, after all the work and workout, I am content with blanket, couch and a movie picked by the minions and tomorrow is a new day to start through 100% and not 1% less…

Have a blessed evening everyone!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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