Easy like Sunday morning

I have been quite absent these past days, ….or was it weeks already!? But I have been busy!

I have been working quite a lot, have been helping ther family out on the Vineyard, been playing with website is for them and then of course, every time I am back on the west side, my house, my projects, my kids, my job… It got quite hectic the past days.
But I got stuff done!

For example:
~My bathroom is finished!
It felt like it took forever but it is done! The wall, shelves, curtains, decorations… all in its place and a true Spa bathroom as the best half said.
~The pool for the youngins is up in the front yard and the warmer days can finally show up on the west side as well, please!?!
~flowers are planned, or planted already, and the room for the fence is measured, fence is picked out as well, only time to do it is a bit missing right now. (next weekend probably lol)
~bills!are!paid! In full. On time. With what little money I have. This is always my biggest accomplishment every.single.month.
It’s tough being a single mom sometimes y’all!

But I am back to daydreaming once I’m gone and to see what else I can get done there to get even closer to the forever home feels I imagined for that place. Always on the move and making life fun for myself and the kids. That is the most important thing: have fun in life! Don’t take everything too serious! Y’all ain’t getting out alive so make. it. count.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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