Keto Wisdom I found and find usefull to pass along

  • Keto is basically a result of what you DON’T eat, not what you do eat. Keep carbs less than 20 grams. Fat doesn’t get you into Ketosis.
  • If you aren’t hungry, DON’T EAT! It’s ok. You are running on fat. If you have fat on your body, you have ‘fuel to burn’ so to speak.
  • Keto Flu is an electrolyte imbalance. You need to replenish electrolytes from Day 1. Especially sodium. 2 teaspoons of salt a day is needed. Research electrolytes & keto.
  • ALL heavy whipping cream has carbs. No matter what the carton says. 1 ounce of cream has .8gr of carbs and 1 cup has about 6.4gr of carbs.
  • Sugar- free pudding and heavy whipping cream is NOT low carb.
  • The bad taste in your mouth is normal. Welcome to ketosis.
  • If you are feeling tired, have a headache, muscle cramps or palpitations, re-read #3 and drink some pickle juice for example.
  • If you have fat to lose, you never need to ‘get your fats in’

I do help those tips do help some of you that are embarking on that newly found Keto journey.
It took me a while to find out what does and doesn’t work and the easiest for me, as always, is don’t eat if you are not hungry. I have enough fat to burn no matter what and although I am trying to get ‘fats in’ I am not too worried about that. Always more worried about the carbs cause I try to keep them as low as possible without giving up on life HAHAHA

And I admit I still eat way more sweets than I should. Although I try to make them Keto, bake lots of keto and such, I have my days where I go all crazy on even those and then it does not help your diet as much either lol But, we are all human and to get the full results I think I just need to up my gym game a bit more again and we should be golden by the time summer fully rolls around.
The better half likes the results so far I think and he cannot wait to get me under some weights and bulking though!! I think he cannot wait to see what I can do with weights and fun in the gym and where my body can go. Oh wait, that was me. I cannot wait to see where it all goes LOL

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