The Finer Things In Life

Today has been a day that could not have been spent any better than I did:

We start mowing the lawn at 830am in the backyard. Well, all except the part that’s jungle and I will get the riding lawn mower for on Monday.

Then I went on to the front yard, mowing and off to dig and play in the dirt that once was a flower bed with things just planted to be able to say there are flowers in there.
Out with the old in with the new as they say!!

And so I got down and dirty and about 4 hours later got myself a nice little start to my nice little, cute flowerbed in front of the house.
A few shrubs are still needed, a bit more of the mini fencing, a few more flowers for the pots and then it’s just decorating that is left.

I have been busy and the dirt you could find everywhere on my body, head to toe almost, was totally worth it !!


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