When do you need to rest!?

For me it’s been a long time coming I think.
These past three weeks or so have been a constant busy time and I have either been driving back and forth from holding interviews, working, cleaning and/or the other side of the mountain to see the family there and help out as much as I can.

I do love my work; every bit I do I do to be useful, to get myself going, to make money of course to have the bills paid, to learn new things, to enjoy a great life, not to feel wasted cause ‘you don’t do anything with your life really’ and of course to show the minions that one can have a  great work ethic, fun at work and love what one is doing, all while balancing this single mom life and everything else on my shoulders.

closeup photography of adult short coated tan and white dog sleeping on gray textile at daytime
Photo by Christian Domingues on Pexels.com

Now, I know that no one is perfect and not even I am although I am really trying hard to have everything figured out all the time and the house and minions clean and such, no one is perfect.
There comes a time where you see the toll it takes. The constant moving around and for me, I think it started showing this week.

Coming back from another vineyard fun in the sun weekend was grandiose and I enjoyed my time to work and gaining more knowledge as I always do but Tuesday I felt it kinda slowly creeping in.
There was no kickboxing cause of a doctors appt I had to go to with the eldest so there was no real outlet that day per the usual and although I enjoyed spending time with her for the appt and then doing some more things together it’s been tiring.
Wednesday I skipped the gym again but, instead, I worked out at home in the form of mowing front yard, backyard, and then, on a whim and cause it popped into my head and I was out there anyways already, I started digging out EVERYTHING in the one flower bed ( you can see the results here ) and it was a great gym substitute with sunshine and everything.


But, with this, I got more and more worn out where it got to the point that I gave up on my day yesterday at 6 pm or so. I was done. Ready for bed. Needed the day to be over.

It’s been yet another busy day and I just wanted to sleep and quiet.
So, I got the minions ready and thankfully the middle one went to bed on his own free will shortly after 7 pm and even fell asleep shortly after while the youngest fell asleep on m lap shortly before 7 pm or so and I could retreat into dreamland once they were taken care off and in their own beds.
I even left the whole house just the way it was and for me, if you should know me, that is a HUGE thing. I am so bad with this cleaning up and OCD and such that IF I do leave things just the way they are, thinking I’ll just do that tomorrow I am really done with the day, need rest etc.

And that is exactly what I did, off to bed, leave things be and just knock out. Until your alarm goes off and you are awake.  Slowly.  Wake up slowly. Take your time. Don’t just jump out of bed, today you take your time. And it helped.
I went to the gym after the boys were on the bus safe and sound and now I am here, in bed admittedly, relaxing and deciding this is my version of a lazy Sunday, but on a Friday!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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