Chores…your kids wont die ~I promise

And so summertime has begun.
Here it is the time where my kids will have to spend most their time outside, especially when friends are over and also have to do more chores.


The middle one, as pictured above, is experiencing the fun of mowing the lawn. Now, it is a given that my lawn, back or front, is rather huge and I do not let him mow all of it since it would be rather much to do for him but, he will mow at least half of the front next to his chores inside the house.
I believe it is good for these kids to have chores, to learn that nothing in life is really free and to help them survive in the outside world once they are adults.

Afterall, I want to raise kids that will turn into reasonable adults and human beings that don’t think they can get whatever they want and don’t have to work for it and feel more entitled than anything else.

Chores did not kill me so they will definitely NOT kill my children!!

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I think that if you know how to operate a phone, a laptop, a gaming console or anything else that falls into that category, you are old enough to learn how to take out the trash, clean your own room, sweep the floor, mow the lawn and do your laundry!

It is like it is with everything else with kids:
They might whine first, they might argue with you first, they might try to get out of it first but it is up to you to be consistent and have them do what they need to do to be successful in life. Same with reading to and with them, same as having them do extra work when they are in school, homework and so on… Nothing comes free but it will always get easier with practice and one day they will thank you for the effort you put into their education in school and during their daily life to raise these precious little human beings into decent and wonderful and most of all functioning adults !!


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