When your body is dehydrated, it triggers fight or flight response – the same happens when you are stressed. Studies have shown that both dehydration and stress cause that your stress hormones – cortisol and adrenalin – are higher. You are more dehydrated when you are under stress.

This means stress+dehydration=stress².

If we look at the vicious stress-hydration cycle, it means more water we drink less stressed we are.

To reduce the level of stress, you can apply these simple changes:

1) Drink 6 glasses of plain filtered water a day.
2) Stop drinking water half an hour before a meal and don’t drink half an hour after a meal, because you don’t want to mess with your digestion.
3) The first thing to do in the morning: drink a big glass of water.

For sure: by staying hydrated you can reduce physiological response to stress and I am very curious what results you will get just by changing hydration habit!

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