Memorial Day at Ft Flagler

This is the beautiful PNW and it is one of the best spots to be once Spring and Summer roll around.  So, what better way than celebrate this Memorial Day where we remember those who gave their all in these past wars than to visit a historical site in this wonderful Evergreen State:
Ft Flagler, based on Marrowstone Island, Port Townsend, WA.



The fort was named after Brigadier General Daniel Webster Flagler and built in 1897 as a Coast Artillery Fort.  It was closed in June of 1953.
The Fort was manned during World War I, World War II and the Korean War.
It is one of the “Triangle of Fire” made up by Fort Flagler, Fort Worden, and Fort Casey and these days features wonderful hiking trails, camping, historical buildings you can stay in on one of your camping adventures and tours where you can learn about the bunkers, and use or you can venture out on your own to explore the history of Fort Flagler.

Ft Flagler where nature meets history

You can read more about the Fort and the State Park and camping opportunities here and also book your stay or find out about ongoing events and festivities.  We all had a wonderful day visiting this site, learning about history and exploring all those bunkers and abandoned houses along the way.
I advise you to bring flashlights with you for some of those hidden ones are pretty dark but a blast to explore and learn about.
If you have kids and take them, they will be entertained for hours and if it is warm enough you can take a break at the beach, build a fort and enjoy the water and weather before you start exploring the rest of the site. We stopped at the beach about halfway through exploring the Fort and it was a beautiful sight to be had.

Decided to look further into renting one of the old NCO housings to spend a night or two during the summer to enjoy the Fort, and explore more closely and have a little bit more time to do things instead of only a few hours during the day.

So get out, get exploring and learn something new and exciting about history while spending time with the ones you love and make some precious memories along the way no one will forget!!



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