5 am is my wake up call.
I get up, get going to brew my coffee and to enjoy the quiet house for a little bit longer until I need to wake up the minions to get ready to go to school.

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Not these past two weeks though.
These past two weeks were filled with either hitting the snooze button countless times or just turning the alarm off completely and waiting for the alarm that usually tells me I have to get the kids up now.

Then I slowly start to get up, wake up the children while I make some coffee and get them dressed and their breakfast ready. Most times they eat at home and then breakfast in school as well… Better for them, get the food and with it all the energy you can get for your busy day in school.

And then, while the minions are waking up and playing until it is time for the bus, I am usually sitting here working away already. Bed hair, pajamas, sleepy eyes, and coffee right next to me. I imagine it would look somewhat cute me sitting here like some of these images out there in the www depict but, I am not so sure of that most the times lol
I enjoy being able to work from home these days. Makes these gray and slow mornings so much easier.
Today though, today I am writing here and preparing mentally for my day to come. It’s going to be a long day, especially since I feel that I never get enough sleep lately. Theoretically, it is not possible because I am literally in bed as soon as these boys are in bed which means I hit the sheets latest 9 pm and sleep a whole night but, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like I have had enough of those zzz’s.

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Now we hope for some more sunshine that will come out from behind the clouds soon so our Wednesday can and will end on a great note and the kids get to enjoy the outside after school today. It’s almost summer break. We are sooo close. I know we can hold on to our sanity for this bit longer to make it through unharmed. I know it is possible. But this year seemed to run by quicker than the others and I am not sure if it is because the youngest is in school as well or just that I have been busier than usual… But whatever it made it this way: Thank you for bringing summer to me that much faster 🙂

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