…and while I am at the gym, walking before kicking it, brace at the ready to give my wrist some extra stability later, I thought I need to write more again.

It’s been quite the up and down life these past 4-5 weeks worh tendonitis, summer break, working the vineyard, driving, birthdays and small frustrations because of the hand… I am.not the most patient person when it co.es to injuries most the time. Oh who am I kidding? ALL the time. Lol. But, I made a true effort this time I have to say.

Its 4 weeks later and I am getting better. Cannot put weight on it quite yet but I can pick up things again, hold things, turn my arm and wrist so it is def a small success so far….

Now to get ready, and make a plan again to get this blogging thing back on track, shall we!?


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