Why do I go and get my nails done?

This is why:

1st off it is just nice to get a little bit pampered. Even if its ‘just’ a bit under 1 hour to get a manicure.

2nd I don’t have to worry about putting polish on with my left hand (we all know how this goes when you are done with your one hand and it looks bomb but then you gotta do the right hand ~or vice versa) !! This is a big, if not the biggest plus !!

3rd off I am forced to sit still, not move, not touch anything, not to help children etc, etc until the polish is completely dry! And haven’t we ALL been there?! I just cannot sit still lol

And the 4th total plus is just the fact that if I want to let my nails grow again but they won’t (super thin, brittle and useless in that department) a few weeks of a nice acrylic set can help me out so much.

Now, it’s time to get a nice manicure again. After the vineyard. Once I’m back ‘on my side’ of the mountain. One hour of pampering deserved before working on my own house and yard continues….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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