Monticule Vineyard


Two weeks have passed since I drove over with the minions, ready to get some serious work and house sitting done next to some floating in the river and fixing up some more of the grapes that were planted two years ago.  Standing each and everyone up, thinning it out, cutting out the grapes they are growing right now and putting them onto the cordon wire so they get to grow arms during this upcoming year and then, in turn, wonderful grapes the year after.

The first few days I spend cleaning up the rows of different grapes on the seven acres so the plants can focus all their energy on growing the grapes and not the little shoots and such that start growing close to the ground; nobody needs those.  But the grapes and energy getting into growing them, everybody needs that right now.

House sitting went well while the family was over at the West side of the Mountain and we started the days with early work, siesta throughout most the afternoons when the temperatures easily reached around 103F and then we round it out with some work, either in the field or on the computer.  There are websites to build, pictures to upload, Facebook and Instagram to manage…  It’s always something to do when you are with the family working.  But nothing beats ending a work-ation then a River float with the one you love and your family!!

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Sadly, there are no existing pictures of this last float since I just wasn’t secure in my judgment about taking my phone, although waterproof, into the river with us.  At least not until I have a case/pouch or anything like that with which I can hook it to the float, my waste or anything else but losing it in the river should there be heaver currents to battle.  Next float will have pictures taken though.

If you would like to get to know more about the second home of mine, the lovely vineyard, please feel free to check it out here and feel free to check back bi-weekly or so since I am still working on building the site, blog and busy adding more pictures and videos of our daily doings while you watch the vineyard grow and get better and better with us.




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